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Walrus Vision Toolbox is an image capture, treatment and analysis software. It is based on a freely downloadable core with general availability. The base core is extendable with a set of specific functionalities using the software’s plug-in system. Walrus Vision Toolbox is easy to use software making the most common image processing algorithms available for everyone. It is designed to be interoperable with vision systems and supports the main machine vision, imaging and engineering standards.

"What is Walrus Vision Toolbox?"

Professional digital image analysis and treatment software application.

Complete set of features
"Why should I buy the full version?"

Because the paid version contains many more professional features. Check out the advantages below.

Advantages of the full version

Free release

Full version

User friendly graphical interface

Common image treatment functions

Complete set of filters (30+ by default)

Measurement tools

Selection and annotation tools

Advanced charting

Automated commands

Controlled edge detection

All plug-ins available

Data export

More image formats

Images with bit-depth higher than 8 bit

Programming capabilites

"Can I buy features separately?"

Sure you can! We have built in plug-in support, so you can extend the free version the way you like. Check out the plug-ins available.

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